Have You Ever Considered Remote Working? You May Be Surprised

Lots of people will tell you that they could never work from home, but for many workers it is the perfect way to juggle the demands of home and working life.

Yes, it takes a certain amount of discipline and from an employer's point of view it also demands a high level of trust. How do you know that your employee is not sitting at home with his or her feet up, watching daytime television?

The truth is that remote working, as it is called, is becoming increasingly popular, and companies and employees alike can benefit. It is important to set goals and for both parties to agree that they can be achieved.

But there are plenty of benefits. For the remote worker, it removes the stress involved in getting to and from work. It also means that young children can be dropped off and picked up from school around their daily work schedule. Employers may worry that staff will take advantage, but the reality is rather different. Research has proved that people who work remotely are actually more productive.

What about the sense of being on your own? Sitting in front of a computer with nobody else for company may not suit everybody, but if you provide a solid support network and set up a schedule that involves remote workers spending some time in the office then they will feel involved.

Those considering taking the plunge into remote working will probably have some questions to ask. If you have never been a part of an all-remote team, it might seem hard to imagine that any company with 50 or more people could work this way.

However, if your remote workers are  motivated, good communicators and are able to cope with a mixture of autonomy and teamwork, then remote work may be perfect for them. Many experts believe that are more benefits to working from home than you would ever experience in an office. For a start, there are no office politics to deal with.

Here at Accountants etc. we look at some of the potential benefits of remote working.


Contrary to popular belief, people actually get more done when they have autonomy and are left to their own devices - for starters, there are fewer distractions at home. According to a nationwide productivity survey, 65% said they believed that remote work would boost their productivity. And a staggering 86% said that working alone allows them to “hit maximum productivity.” Their managers agree, with 66% saying that employees who work remotely increase overall productivity.

There are lots of distractions in an office environment, especially for those who work in an open-plan office - statistics prove that people are 15% less productive in such an environment, struggle to concentrate and dislike the fact that they have no privacy. There is also the added advantage that if you work from home you can wear what you like, whereas if you have to go into an office then you have to dress accordingly. For many people, this is a big issue.


Once again, you'll probably be surprised to learn that remote workers actually feel more engaged than those who work in an office. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that people have to make a greater effort to connect since there is no chance of running into a co-worker in the hallway. So interactions are more purposeful. And, of course, video chats are an excellent way to foster relationships - with 92% of remote workers saying that it improves teamwork.

A recent survey revealed that proximity in an office environment actually leads to complacency - with people failing to connect with colleagues who work just a few feet away from them. More worrying, the same survey showed that 20% of employees actually regard their workplace as a hostile or threatening social environment.


If you don't have to commute, it means you have more time for your family and friends. In other words, if you work from home you are going to have more peace of mind. Remote workers also get more sleep and exercise and they eat better because rather than grabbing an unhealthy snack at their desk they will wander into the kitchen and make something to eat. They also have a more positive attitude, so experience less stress.

Anybody who has ever worked in an office will know just how unhealthy it can be. If one person comes in suffering from a cold, within days the entire workforce will be coughing and spluttering. People who work in open-plan offices are 62% more likely to take time off sick than those with a separate office. Office workers take an average of 3.1 sick days a year, compared to the 1.8 sick days for those who work from home.


Surely the greatest benefit of remote work is that it makes people happier because it provides them with the opportunity to pursue their passions both in work and in life. Fifty-one percent of remote workers spend more time with their partners, which has helped them experience greater job satisfaction.

Lack of control over work spaces can make workers miserable. Research proves that cubicles are dreadful - with workers desperate for some sunlight and fresh air. Perhaps the most telling thing of all is that office workers are more likely to quit their jobs than their remote counterparts.

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